What's a Narcissist Business Owner?

What’s a Narcissist Business Owner?

What's a Narcissist Business Owner?

For the Narcissistic business owner, everything about their business centers around them and not about the business at hand and certainly not about the consumer. What first seems to absent from their way of thought is the fact that businesses should be created with the consumer in mind.

What they need to know frankly is that “it aint about you boo.” Businesses should be created to meet a need. With the narcissist business owner little to nothing about the business seems to be geared towards the needs of others. The very inception of their business is problematic.

From logo designs and colors being based on their favorite things and less about what draws the eye of the consumer, their businesses are designed to failat building healthy relationships from the beginning.

Wake up call

The purpose of the business owner is to allow the need of the consumer to be met and to have the meeting of said need to create income. This healthy flow is not doable if the business owner is solely consumed with meeting their own needsThe goal within a business is to identify the brand purpose, understand the audience and how the brand purpose solves the problem.If you are aware of a business owner who may not embrace this way of thought and whose business may be in a detrimental need of a wake up call , here are a few steps that you can offer them to set them on the right track

Think about the audience.

Understand your Brands Purpose?

What makes your business different and think about the CONSUMER when answering this question.

What problems are you trying to solve?

Execute. Execute. Execute

These questions, thoughts and suggestions should be able to lead the narcissistic business owner in the right direction by hopefully allowing them to see that the consumers need are top priority and not their own. Trusting that a business has their back from the very beginning is the #1 Reason consumers build trust and remain dedicated to healthy businesses without wavering.
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