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3 Month Training Program to Trainee / Independent Contractor

Total cost $3,500

Training will be paid by giving 30% per service towards training. Services will be provided by Brand New Beauty. Nicole Martinez / Brand New Beauty agrees to market to market Trainee / Independent Contractor to provide his/her with services each week if possible. Trainee / Independent contractor will get paid $75 per logo / graphic design and $500 per website once service is completed. 25% of the total service paid by client will go towards training. 



Logo – $375

Trainee / Independent contractor – $75

Training fee 40% – $112.50

One-on-one helps towards service. – Remaining balance

Training must be paid in full before June 25th, 2020. If training is completed before then, 30% will be paid towards Trainee / Independent contractor. If training IS NOT paid before June 25th, 2020, the contract will be extended until payment is paid in full by services given to Trainee / Independent contractor.

Trainee / Independent Contractor agrees to perform satisfactorily all work and learning assignments. The provisions of the training standards for the above occupation is approved by Nicole Martine owner of Brand New Beauty, LLC. An official copy of the standards will be emailed to the Trainee / Independent Contractor. This agreement will continue in effect until June 25th, 2020 or otherwise terminated in accordance with the standards.

As a Trainee / Independent Contractor with Brand New Beauty, you will be required to follow all company policies, especially those that prohibit any Trainee / Independent Contractor from bringing with them from any prior employer any proprietary information, trade secrets, proprietary materials, or processes of such former employers.

No payment shall be made prior to services being rendered

This is not a contract for employment; Trainee / Independent Contractor is not entitled to worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits. 

Trainee / Independent Contractor is responsible for his/hers own tax liability, A 1099-Miscellaneous Tax Form will be mailed to the Trainee / Independent Contractor at the end of January of the following year if annual earnings exceed $600. Please notify if the address changes. 



We are excited to have you as our Trainee / Independent Contractor now until June 25th, 2020.

You should be aware that your time here at Brand New Beauty is part of a Trainee / Independent Contractor program and is expected to last no longer than the dates indicated above unless we both agree to extend your date.  

Unless otherwise notified by the Brand New Beauty,  this offer for a Trainee / Independent Contractor is effective for 3 months from the date of this letter. If the terms of this letter are satisfactory to you, please sign and return a copy of this letter, accompanied by the enclosed form[s]:

  • I-9
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement


Your pay per project during training is as follows. Payments are subject to change based on interns’ improvement. 

$75 per project 

Marketing Designs: ( Business cards, Marketing Material, Brochure Designs, Poster, Flyers )
$75 per project 

Theme Built Websites:
$500 per project 

Hourly pay will not be provided.
As a Trainee / Independent Contractor, you will not receive any of the employee benefits that regular Company employees receive, including, but not limited to, health insurance, vacation or sick pay, paid holidays, or participation in the Company’s 401(k) plan


Nicole Martinez Cheif Executive Officer







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Signed by Nicole Martinez
Signed On: March 25, 2020

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