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Open Ended Questions

With every lead, ask questions. Make sure that your potential client is doing the majority of the talking and let them know that you are listening.
Your goal is to make sure that your client feels that they are connecting with you. Gain their trust and be friendly.

Your messages should end with an open ended question.
Open ended question usually start with the following:
Who, What, When, Where and How

Here an example:

Do you see how every response needed with an open ended question until the end. When you use open ended questions correctly, your sales will start to skyrocket. You will start to see dramatic improvements. Open-ended question seek out answers that require the prospect to think.  You use open-ended question when you want the prospect to give you an unfiltered response.  In most cases, you never ask a question that you don’t know the answer to.  This is not the case when you decide to use an open-ended question.

Let’s break down the conversation
in 3 key points


If you can, take the time to thank your lead for reaching out to you. It might sound corny but that simple thank you can win you some brownie points.


Make sure to listen to every response and go with the flow of the conversation. If your client states that they are not ready, don’t push them, show them that you understand. They are going to appreciate your understanding more so than you trying to persuade or push them.

Follow up:

If they are unable to move forward with a sale or an appointment, that’s fine. Have them follow you on facebook or instagram. Make sure that your social media accounts are engaging and post everyday, stay active.