How to start and an grow email list - Marketing Covid-19

How To Start And Grow An Email List

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How to start an email list

By Mrs. Nicole Martinez | March 30th, 2020

Due to Covid-19, the majority of all small businesses are now wondering, what’s next? What can you do to help your business during this recession due to Covid-19? In this blog, we are going to focus on starting and growing an email list. Although an email list will not give you immediate sales, once everything is back to normal, be ahead of the game. Instead of trying to post on social media stating that your business is open for business or that you’re having some great discount, be a step ahead of the game by creating and growing your email list for free. It’s easier now than ever to grow your email list. It’s time to amplify your marketing efforts, and increase.

be a step ahead of the game by creating and growing your email list for free

- Nicole Martinez

What You'll Need

I am going to teach you how to not only start an email list but to learn how to collect emails from potential clients who would like to stay updated with your business. In order to do this, you are going to need the following:

Adding A Newsletter Option On Your Website

Before anything, you can not grow an email list without a website or a landing page. As a business owner, a website is a must. If you do not own a website and would like an affordable option, check out our Business Card Website.  Our Business Card Website is a one page WordPress Website template that our team will design for you. Our Business Card Website is designed to have your visitors easily navigate through your webpage to find sections you feel they would like to learn more about. You can include links to direct them to book an appointment, shop at your eCommerce website, get directions, and more! You can link your Instagram gallery, add an about me section, or show a list of the services you offer. Would you prefer a more advanced Custom Made WordPress website? Take a look at our custom made website option.

Sign Up With An Email Marketing Service

I’ve used them all, Mailchimp, Drip, and Constant Contact. But by far, Flodesk is number one, and here is why. It keeps it simple, it’s affordable, and the email templates are to DIE for. You can sign up for free to start your free trial. If you would like to upgrade from their free account, you can do so with a lifetime 50% off promo code. Join Flodesk and use the promo code BNBTHX for 50% off.

Watch my video below which will show you how to set up your Flodesk account.

How to grow your email list

One: offer an introductory promotional offer for people who are joining your newsletter. It doesn’t have to be a large discount, 10% or 15% is a great promotional rate. This can be done as a popup, a section right under your cover image on your homepage and on your footer as well

Two: You can offer a giveaway on your social media page that directs your participants to join your newsletter. In order for them to participate, they must join your newsletter. Take a look at our logo giveaway as an example.

Three: Thinking about starting a blog or maybe you already have one. Towards the bottom of each blog post, Have an option for your viewers to sign up to your newsletter so that they are able to stay updated.

What and when to send out emails?

When it comes to sending out emails, don’t be a car salesman. People get enough emails about 10% off her, 75% off here, it can get annoying. Instead, try to make it to where people are looking forward to reading your emails. Think about your audience, their problem and what type of emails you can write to help them.

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