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How To Be An Awesome Mom While Owning Business

 I think the title of this blog can be a little misleading to everyone. There are so many definitions for how to be an awesome mom. You have the societal expectations of an awesome mom, which is being there 100% of the time, selfless almost to a fault, not working outside of the home or working part-time, and being actively engaged in parenting every hour of every day. 

As working mothers, this puts an insane amount of pressure on us while we are running our own businesses and raising our children. Our version of an awesome mom still has a lot of the qualities of the societal expectations but also we are considered “Super Moms”, we are rushing to our businesses after school drop-offs, we are working on things after our kids have gone to sleep for the night, having to miss a soccer practice because we have and it sometimes even means bringing our kids with us as we run our business. Being “Super Mom” may seem difficult but it is attainable but something you have to realize you aren’t alone. 

Below are some tips you can use to be an Awesome Business Owning Mama:  

It’s Okay to Ask for Help: Asking for help may seem difficult to a lot of people. I know personally, I want to be that woman who can do it all plus be successful and asking someone to help me is almost like a sign of weakness. I’ve had to learn that this is not a weakness. It takes a village not only in being “Super Mom” but also as a business owner. If you have to have your best friend pick your child up from school because a meeting runs over, do not panic. Creating a trusted support system around you will not only ensure you will be able to not only have time to be successful in business but also be the best mom you can be. 

Block Off Time For Kids: Okay this is going to sound crazy but sometimes you will need to block off time for your kids. There will be times where you will need to put in your schedule that you can not take calls (unless there is obviously a dire emergency). Whether this is for a school performance, doctors appointment, or just one on one time that you want, it is important to be firm with your instructions during this time to only contact you if it is an absolute emergency. On the same hand, it is important for you to put the phone or laptop down and live in the moment with your children. 

It’s Okay To Say No: This advice is given a lot but it is okay to say no. Your children do come first to anything & everything and if there is a conflict, saying no, does not make you a bad entrepreneur or bad at business. 

Be Flexible: Not everything is going to be perfect. Children get sick, Computers crash, Cars break down, and Plans change. Motherhood on its own is unpredictable and messy without adding in the added unpredictability of owning your own business. Not everything will be perfect and if not everything is accomplished in a day, that’s okay. My favorite thing to do is make a list of what you need to accomplish that day and if you accomplish at least 3 of those things, then you have been successful that day. 

Don’t Feel Guilty: Mom Guilt is a thing. Many times, you’ll feel guilt having chosen to own your own business instead of staying at home with your children or even work a typical 8-5 job. You need to remember that there is nothing wrong with owning your business, not only are you living your dream but you are making a better life for yourself & your children.