Nicole Monay Grade My Logo Bear Curls

Holiday Promo


50% deposit promo. Total $350+

Holiday Promo


50% deposit promo. Total $350+

Additional Information

Payment Information:

This product pays for 50% of the full payment. We will start your design on your start date with this deposit. No additional payment is needed until you receive your first draft. The remaining balance would need to be processed in order to receive your complimentary revision & to receive your final finals.

The Process:

Upload your current logo
Our design team will review your logo and identify the weaknesses in your logo. Our team will take their professional skills and apply them to redesigning your logo based on the Brandifi standard
You will receive 1 logo to review. Your logo will be sent to you by our project manager in your portal to review. 
This service comes with  1 complimentary draft.  If this draft is necessary, it will only include edits of the logo our team has created for you, such as a color change, spacing with the words or letters or placement.  We do not offer additional drafts.

Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project is canceled or postponed, all transactions paid are retained by Brandifi and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client. After a proof has been accepted, no refund is available on graphic and design services.

You will receive 1 complimentary revision if you would like to move forward after receiving your first draft

Logos in your first draft:
You will receive 3 logo’s in your first draft.

Grade My Logo

Do I pay half now and the rest once I receive my first draft?
Yes, you do not have to pay the full payment. If you receive your first draft and would prefer not to move forward, you would not have to pay for the 2nd half. If you would like to move forward, the 2nd had would need to be processed before moving forward. 

What files will I receive?
You will 1 logo in an .AI ( Adobe Illustrator Vecor ) File, PNG and JPEG file. 

How do I give you guys my information?
You will receive a form after processing your payment. This form will collect your colors, social media platform, website, and small details on what you may be aiming for. 

I know what I want, how do I provide this to you guys?
For this, we do not recommend our Grade My Logo Service. This service is for business owners who would like to revamp their logo and may not have a clear vision. For this, we would recommend reaching out to our team at

You will 1 logo in an .AI ( Adobe Illustrator Vecor ) File, PNG and JPEG file.