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Our goal is simple, to help you either discover your brand and bring it to life visually or to help you develop and design your logo, website or any other stationery/product design services you need in Atlanta, USA. We are a faith-based logo design company here in Atlanta, GA, to help our clients move towards their purpose. Understanding your purpose, using that to develop your brand while we are here to help you bring it to life is what we aim to do.

Personal communication

It's hard to explain what you're looking for through email. While working with us, you can call, email or text us.


Once your logo is completed, on average, our clients receive in total around 50+ final files which include vector files, PNG, PDF, EPS and more.

More than One

You will receive more than one logo. You will receive your primary logo, secondary logo, monogram, favicon, and watermark

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More than Pretty

Your business logo is more than your business name or a simple graphic. Your business logo is loaded with meaning. It illustrates what your business stands for. It’s the voice of your business.

What you'll receive

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Lead Designer

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Is your logo up to par?

Making sure that your logo is designed in the right format is a must! We've seen so many business owners have their logo designed to only find out later that their logo was made in the wrong platform such as Photoshop, Canva or Picmonkey. Is your logo up to par? Watch the video below to find out. 

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