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Create & Share Your Business Card Website

Our Business Card Website is a one page WordPress Website template that we will design for you. Our Business Card Website is designed to have your visitors easily navigate through your webpage to find sections you feel they would like to learn more about. You can include links to direct them to book an appointment, shop at your eCommerce website, get directions, and more! You can link your Instagram gallery, add an about me section, or show a list of the services you offer.

Your Own Personal Designer

Before having us design your website, we would have a few questions for you to answer. Within our form, you are able to add additional sections and select current sections that best match your business. You will also be able to choose your colors, your main font and Images.


Once complete, we would link your website to your go daddy domain. From there, you can share it with potential clients and your social media following.


Guess what, you will have access to your website once it's live. From there, you can edit colors or change some wording if you need to.


Your Logo & Three Social Icons


Your call of action button such as (Shop, Book Apt, Reserve Date, Pay Deposit & More)


An image you would like to display


Your welcome word ( Howdy, Welcome, Hey There ) or something else. 


Pick 4 sections you would like to display on your business card website. 


Pick 4 sections you would like to display on your business card website. 


Easy navigation menu

Make it yours


Mobile • Tablet • Desktop Friendly

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F.A.Q & Pricing


You can replace your free Brandifi URL ( with a custom domain you purchased from Go Daddy, or one you already own. A custom domain,

A domain is, for example, “”. We recommend purchasing your domain on If you purchased your domain name elsewhere for example “Name Cheap, Google, Etc.” that’s okay. More than likely we can link your new business card website to your domain. Just to make sure, email us at if you have any questions. 

Once you have your own domain, you can purchase a G Suite Mailbox and get a custom email address using your domain, like View this page to learn more. 

No, this is a WordPress website. 

WordPress is the most popular & the best content management system in the world, but there are lots of other popular website builders. 

If you have a Wix website, once your design is complete, we would redirect your domain to your new site. 


Yes, this is a one page WordPress website. On this one page WordPress website, we designed it to make it function almost like a business card. Making it easy for your clients to find exactly what they need from your business. 

This is based on the add ons you select during the checkout process.


Our design fee starts off at $150+ depending on the add ons you select

Basic Hosting: $29/month

  • Remove Brand New Beauty Ads
  • Access to website to change color, modify text, and replace images
  • Connect your domain

Premium Hosting:

Generate Price

Starting off at $150+