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Business not where you want it to be?

You may need a Business Revamp.

Many times, people come to us asking,” what type of branding packages do you offer?” All of our services are custom to each client’s needs.  Nancy Marie is our Marketing Expert, based out of Atlanta, GA, who picks apart businesses and provides in-depth analyses with step-by-step Business Revamp Marketing Plans tailored specifically for each client – all in less than two weeks!

You will receive

In-depth research by Marketing Expert Nancy Marie

Step One

Undercover Scan

Nancy will go undercover to thoroughly scan your business while becoming an unidentified potential client.

In-depth research by Marketing Expert Nancy Marie of your company’s online presence, including brand definition, clarity of services offered, visibility, ease of use, company reputation, and more!


Step Two

Hour Consultation

A 1-hour consultation phone call with Nancy, during which you will thoroughly discuss her analysis and findings. During your call, Nancy will gather vital information of your business goals to create a customized, step-by-step Business Rehab Marketing Plan for your company.

Step Three

Marketing Plan

Receive a written, comprehensive Business Revamp Marketing Plan, outlining step-by-step the things you will need to do to bring your company where you want it to be. This will include a list of preferred vendors to help you get there, too.

Turn Around Time


In addition, you will receive discounted marketing services from our handpicked affiliates that can help you with any area of your new Business Rehab Marketing Plan that you may not be able to tackle on your own.


Let's start scaning your business undercover

Once you purchase our business revamp, without contacting you, nancy will go undercover to scan your business, customer service and more

The Business Revamp package includes: