Adobe Illustrator Training Atlanta, Georgia

Adobe Illustrator 2-day Training - Atlanta, GA

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Nicole Martinez

March 14-15th

It’s finally here! A two-day introduction in-person Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Course.

Let’s face it, if you are using Photoshop or PicMonkey to create logos, business cards, or anything that needs to be printed, you need to take this course. Adobe Illustrator, unlike Photoshop, is a vector drawing tool. What does this mean? Adobe Illustrator offers an output file in a vector format/graphic that can be resized to any size without losing any quality. For logos, this is a must. When it comes to printing, the vector format of the logo file can print out super sharp no matter the size.

This course is a two-day 6-hour course ( total 12 hours ) from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm and an hour lunch in between

In this Adobe Illustrator course, you will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create high-quality illustrations, logos, and other custom artwork. This is an entry-level  Illustrator class and will introduce you to the powerful Pen tool, discover how to transform existing shapes, and learn how to add color to drawn objects. You’ll also use layers to organize your artwork, and explore the options for exporting Illustrator files.

Daily Schedule

Getting to Know the Adobe Illustrator Workspace

  • Exploring the Illustrator interface
  • Choosing a workspace
  • Opening a file
  • Using artboards
  • Changing your view
  • Zooming and scrolling
  • Using tools and panels
  • Exploring the Control panel
  • Working with panels and the dock
  • Saving workspaces and shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator Essentials

  • Using Illustrator’s shape tools
  • Repositioning and visually resizing the shapes
  • Putting the Transform panel to work
  • Constraining a shape
  • Entering exact dimensions
  • Selecting artwork
  • Using the shape and transform tools
  • Introducing layers
  • Cutting and pasting objects
  • Repeating transformations

Working with the Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools

  • Understanding the Pen tool
  • Drawing straight, curved and hinged lines
  • Tracing images
  • Creating a tracing template
  • Working with Image Trace
  • Using the Line, Pencil and Eraser tools
  • Editing existing paths
  • Adding and removing points
  • Cutting and joining paths
  • Combining shapes with the Shape Builder

Logo Creation

  • Understanding your client’s needs
  • Less is more, don’t do too much
  • Put it on paper – Sketch it out 
  • Creating your logo within Adobe Illustrator
  • How to listen to clients feedback

Business Card Creation

  • Inspiration
  • How to properly design a business card
  • How to prepare your card for printing


Have some fun! Design anything you find on pinterest while I shadow you.

March 14 - 15th
Total - $550
Deposit - $275

A non-refundable deposit of $275 is needed to reserve your spot. The remaining balance is due the day of the class. 

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