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Nicole Martinez


I have been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 7. I bypassed the whole lemonade stand idea and catapulted right to door-to-door sales of my own handmade products!

Growing up, I was a unique, nerdy one who was always getting into something. From acting to creating documentaries, then getting into computers to express my creative ways to the world. “ Sit down somewhere” is something my grandma always told me, but still, to this day, I cannot sit down.

However, just as most do, I followed the traditional pattern of life, and got myself a job out of high school, since my 7-year-old entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t quite burgeoning anymore. Before too long, a loss became a life-changing opportunity.

I was laid off from my job and, rather than jump back into the rat race; I jumped headfirst into my first business. Would you believe a Wedding Stationery business? What’s more, it was an outstanding success! I got write-ups in magazines such as “Black Bride Magazine”, accolades over social media, and built a solid clientele. I was pretty blown away.

My itchy feet and inner nerd called on me to move on to something new. That is when I started Brandifi.

Here I am today, running another rapidly growing enterprise dedicated to helping business owners identify their brand and bring it to life. 

My passion is sharing all the tips and knowledge I garnered while starting and growing my brands and businesses. I understand the importance of knowing and growing your audience.