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About Us

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We believe in creating highly innovative solutions that create value and competitive advantage for our clients. We have already solved the problems, set the trends, and shape the business branding industry.  Brandifi is a broadband service provider that targets the consumer markets. Our mission is to develop an identity that appeals to brand differentiation within a saturated consumer market.The name Brandifi is derived from the word ‘Brand’ which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. Brandifi created a platform which is designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—for any small business to large companies.

Ms. Nicole Martinez
Founder / CEO

I have been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 7. I bypassed the whole lemonade stand idea and catapulted right to door-to-door sales of my own handmade products!

Growing up, I was a unique, nerdy one who was always getting into something. From acting to creating documentaries, then getting into computers to express my creative ways to the world. “ Sit down somewhere” is something my grandma always told me, but still, to this day, I cannot sit down.

our team

Angel Butler
Brand Strategist

An expert in branding with multiple degrees to support her knowledge. Taking your business brand to another level

Lead Designer
Krystal Webb

South Florida girl bringing that sunshine state of mind to the table. She has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and has years of experience as an in-house Lead Designer. Her objectives are focused on bringing companies’ brand to life through design.

Our Designers

Sibelis Taveras
Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Kanesha Harper
Web Developer