8 Steps: How to Rebrand Your Business | Branding Business

8 Steps: How to Rebrand Your Business

8 steps: How to Rebrand Your Business

8 Steps: How to Rebrand Your Business

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By Mrs. Nicole Martinez | December 19th, 2019

When to Rebrand

Rebranding your business: when is it a good idea, and if you feel it’s a great move, how do you go about doing it?

I recently wrote a book, Sis, Start Your Business, which helps business owners figure it all out, whether they’re new to business or have been in business for years. Every day, I speak to businesswomen who just don’t know what else to do: they’re not making enough to provide for themselves or their family, they’re at a complete loss when it comes to marketing; and social media? Forget about it. They usually resort to guesswork and hope for the best. They’ll look at what other people are doing and say, “Hey, If I do what they do, I can get the same results.” But it doesn’t work like that.

So, let’s talk about rebranding. Before we dive into rebranding, what’s the definition of branding?

Branding: A definition for business owners

I host a Branding Boot Camp once a year in three states. The first question I ask my attendees is, “What is the definition of branding?” I have them write down their answers, and surprisingly—though this is okay!—their responses are all over the place at first.

Some common answers that are slightly off the mark:

What's Branding?

Branding is so much more than the above elements. For an in-depth definition, please visit one of my favorite websites to read more ” The Balance Small Business “

But let’s go over the basics here.

Before you start thinking about colors, styles, or the look and feel of your business, you need to know who you’re marketing to. Understand your audience! Think numbers, for example: their age range is a good start, but dive deeper, too. Learn their characteristics. Think of your audience as your own custom zodiac sign. Is this person outgoing or introverted? A mom or a single dad? A businesswoman who’s professional and conservative, who likes to get down to business, but is also a mother? Think specifics.

As for the design, look, and feel of your business, you can’t choose colors based on your favorite colors. Oh no, honey child, you can’t do that! When it comes to all those aesthetic choices, you need to keep your audience in mind.

Be unique, don't copy.

Stand out from the crowd & be unique

I’m a highly visual person, so when it comes to describing something, I’m far from conservative. Think of similar unique traits in yourself!

Do you remember the kid in school who everyone thought was weird, or maybe someone who just stood out—someone who everyone remembers? You still remember them to this day, and here’s why. They were different! Because they didn’t conform to what everyone else was doing, people not only remembered them, but they got attention from others.

When it comes to writing a list of what makes you unique, don’t write down what everyone else is doing. What makes YOUR business stand out?

My Branding Colors?

Should you rebrand your colors?

Should you rebrand your business colors? Once you have fully understood the definition of branding and you feel that you understand your audience, ask yourself: are the colors you use for your business giving off the tone you want your audience to feel?

For example, let’s look at the images below. The first image is a design inspired by Savage Brand, while the other is designed by the Victoria’s Secret team.

Fenti Branding

Same wording, same discount, but the vibes of the flyers are completely different. They set the tone of their brand. Now imagine if the colors, fonts and images were switched: Savage wouldn’t feel like Savage, and would probably scare off some of their audience. Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, might start appealing to a more modern audience that likes a bad, sexy flair—but they might lose some customers looking for a more traditionally sweet and feminine look.

Hey Be careful with the colors you choose, as they set the tone for your business.

Your Pictures Matter

Take Professional Photos

Some people forget how important photos are to the overall look of your brand. When it comes to choosing a photographer and the layout of your photoshoots, remember: each photo isn’t just a picture, it’s art, and that art gives meaning to your brand. While rebranding, if you feel that your photos aren’t doing your business justice, it’s time to find a new photographer and plan some new photoshoots. But before you do, make sure you have a brand board in place.


Plan it out

Create a Brand Board ( Mood Board )

A Brand Board, or mood board, is a must when it comes to rebranding. While developing your Brand Board, make sure to include all the necessary elements:

Take a look at a piece of YouTube’s Brand Board during their most recent rebranding process.

Youtube Branding Board

Get things organized

Focus on your Brand Touch Points

Write a list of material that you feel needs to be rebranded. This could be your website, logo, flyers, business cards, content, or any other element that your audience will interact with. Whenever you hire someone to design or write something that represents your business, make sure to ask yourself, “Does this fit my brand strategy?”

The below diagram from Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler (who was interviewed for the Logo Geek Podcast) will be a useful reference.

Design Brand Identity Touch Points

Rebranding launch how-to?

Ideas on announcing your rebrand

So, you’ve thought about your target audience, you’ve figured out what unique attributes you bring to the table, and you’ve established a tone for your photos and aesthetics. Now, how exactly do you launch your new brand? Don’t stress out about this, and make sure to have fun with it, but also make sure you’re checking off every step!

I usually recommend having a countdown to get people prepared and excited for your business being rebranded. Introducing a new style and a new brand is a big move, and you want to let your audience know the reason. Make sure to keep them posted with the following:

Get Help Rebranding