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How to get more bookings as a Microblading / Permanent Artists?

The one thing I always hear from my clients is “ I’m taking all these trainings, how come I’m not getting more bookings. Why am I struggling to gain more clients.”
Well, here’s the simple answer. You own a business and owning a PMU business is no different from opening a restaurant, starting a boutique or opening a business.

Ask yourself this

If this is you, have you took some time to really educate yourself on how to market and grow your business. I don’t mean paying someone to transform your business when you have not invested the time to become business savvy. You as a business owner need to become business savvy in order to grow a successful business! Sales, marketing, branding, customer service, all of that good stuff.


Take It Easy

Lead: Hey! How much do you charge for microblading?

Artist: $450. Do you want to book an appointment?

Whoa there, neighbor! Slow down. One problem a lot of permanent makeup artists make is jumping right into the sale. They’ll skip all the important factors and start off by saying, “When do you want to come in?” or “Do you want to book an appointment?”

The question itself is fine, but you have to ask it at the right time. First, ask open-ended questions to show that you care about what your lead wants and needs. Help your lead to trust you as an artist, and to trust your business, by showing them reviews, testimonials, or samples of your previous work, if needed. Once you’ve built a rapport, and once you feel it’s the right time, you can simply ask, “Did you have a goal date in mind for when you wanted to get your eyebrows done?”


Follow Up

If you feel that a lead is interested but needs more time to think about it, this doesn’t mean no! This only means you’ll have to follow up with them. Have a calendar in place that will send you reminders to follow up with potential clients to ask if they have any additional questions, if they need more time, or if they’re ready to schedule an appointment.


Get Off the Couch, Get Out There, and Do Something!

Okay, this sounds a little blunt, but really! Go live on Facebook, make sure to post pictures on your Instagram, and get your name out there on social media! Now, when I say this, I don’t mean post a constant stream of promotions. No one wants to see someone promote themselves all day, every day. Instead, educate your followers. Figure out what they want to see from you and provide it to them.


Stop Saying “I’m Too Shy”

Nope, we don’t want to hear it! You can’t be a shy business owner. Everyone has anxieties, but you have to put a confident face forward. Do what you need to do to get over that shyness, open up the door, and shine the light on you and your business. You won’t get any bookings without working hard to get your business name out there, and that inevitably means promoting yourself.


Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working?

Stop boosting and promoting your posts. I recommend installing Ad Manager on your computer, testing out several ads, and duplicating the ad that works best, giving proven results, to a higher daily rate. This process is a little more advanced, but I have a Facebook Ads digital course that can teach you more about it.

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