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4 Tips for Self Care – Business Leader & Mother

Self Care

4 Tips for Self Care - Business Leader & Mother

It’s something that most women do not think about especially when you are concerned with being a partner to your spouse or significant other, a mother, and an entrepreneur.  With so many hours in the day and trying to find a balance with every role in your life, it can leave little to no time and make it incredibly easy to lose focus on yourself & caring for your needs. This can lead to long nights hunched over the computer, taking phone calls or answering texts at all hours of the night, or not leaving your desk for hours on end because of the amount of work you need to finish. We have all been there before but this practice is not only detrimental to you but it can also be detrimental to your mental health. Many entrepreneurs have learned this the hard way and it can happen to even the most successful business owner.


Making self-care one of the priorities in your life does not mean that you are in any way being selfish to anyone in your business or family. Being at your best is what they need. Also, self-care doesn’t always mean that $150 massage or $50 manicure & pedicure. Many women when they hear the term self-care think it requires you to pamper yourself with some inexpensive treatments when it could be as simple as a bubble bath, practicing yoga or meditation, or being mindful that sometimes you have to take a few minutes to walk away from your desk to take some deep breaths.


If you haven’t started already, it’s time to start taking care of yourself and managing not only the outside self but also your inner self. Utilizing these tips below will begin the journey into making yourself a happier, healthier version of you and the best entrepreneur/mom/spouse you can be.


Make Time For Me Time

The number one excuse for self-care is the lack of time. Again if you are a mother, spouse, and entrepreneur; you are already wearing multiple hats and everyone is asking so much of you. Now looking at the schedule in front of you, it could be daunting to find a moment to take that bubble bath, go to the gym, or just being mindful in general. The best advice I can give you is to put it in your daily routine and stick to your routine. If that means taking your lunch outside and not eating at your desk where your work is, reading a book that you’re interested in after the kids go to bed, or even as simple as putting the phone away at bedtime so you can get that night of sleep you need. Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, said in an interview with Thrive Global  “me time” is written into her daily schedule. During that half hour or so that you decide will be your time, she is free to pursue whatever activity she chooses, so long as it’s not related to work.


Expectations Are Very Different From Reality

Social Media and Television is something that can harm our self-care as well without you even knowing it. Many of us follow the newest & latest mom accounts on Instagram or have that Pinterest board of the perfect home, we will watch television shows that show the mother or wife who can do it all, or even seeing the female entrepreneur that seems to have it all. You have to remember that you can only do your best. These Instagram Influencers or Actresses most of the time have a team of people who assist them in their day to day lives. It is important that you remember you are the best you and that is good enough.


Saying No is Okay!

I know this is overwhelming to think about but it’s okay to say no. Most people have issues in saying no but you need to take this piece of advice; you do not need to do anything. It may seem insane to think about, especially if you’re a people-pleaser it may seem like an impossible task but it can be liberating to take your schedule into your hands. Saying no can be painful but remember your mental health matters and taking the time to take care of yourself matters.


Live in The Moment

This is where mindfulness makes a huge difference. Mindfulness is paying attention to the experiences happening around you and focusing on the connections you make with the people around you at that moment. Many of us plan weeks, months, or years ahead of time without looking around at what is happening right then and there. A lot of people use mindfulness when meditating or while doing yoga as a relaxation technique but it’s also easy to take even just a few moments in the day to be mindful of what is happening. There are many apps available that can walk you through mindfulness exercises such as Aura, Breathe, and Calm, these apps can help you not only relax but can aid in self-care.