4 Facebook Live Tips and Advice Before, During and After
Facebook Live Tips and Advice

Going live on Facebook could bring in more leads without paying for marketing! Are you prepared to go live? Here are some Facebook Live tips and advice

I know this sounds scary, but I cannot over emphasize the importance of this single piece of marketing advice. Here is a simple facebook live tip and advice I always tell my clients:

Think of your business as a club, and you are the club promoter. No one is going to go to your club unless you are out front promoting the heck out of it.

This is one time when cannot allow reservations or shyness be a hindrance! Force yourself outside of your comfort zone and get outside "your club" and work your business. You can do this, you need to do this. This is the most important Facebook Live tip and advice.

I am here to help you get ready to go LIVE on Facebook with these great Facebook Live tips and advice

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1 3/4 Cups Preparation

First facebook live tip and advice, whatever you do, don’t over think this. I promise you, it’s like having a casual conversation your friends, but better, because you’re talking about your business…which is your passion, right?  Basically, that is the sum total of what this involves!

Let your Facebook friends know that you plan to go live a few days beforehand and up until the point when you do, issue friendly daily reminders of your plans.

Aim to go live during the evening when you know most people are home from work or school and chilling.  If you don’t have a lot of likes on your Facebook business page, then go live on your personal page and let your friends know about your business.

A  word of caution.  Don’t read from notes while you are live. If it helps, write down some key points on a paper near you.  Since you know what you do so well, talking casually should not really be a big deal right?  Oh, and, whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not exit out of your live time if you are on your phone to look at your phone notes. This will stop your live screen and delay it

Facebook Live Tips and Advice by Nicole Martinez

1 tbsp. Introduction
(and what follows)

First things first. Before anything, make sure to ask your viewers to share your video. This is key to getting your message, and your video, out to a broader audience….and it is a simple request.

For your intro, make it brief.  Ask your audience to share your video and chat with them for a little bit. For example, “ Hey Sam, thanks for joining me, how’s everyone’s day so far?  Send me an Emoji to tell me your day is”. This not only makes people want to engage, it helps break the ice  so you and your viewers both feel you are amongst friends.  This will help boost your confidence and your message will flow smoothly from that point on.

Once you have mingled with your viewers for a short time, start telling them why you are live and move forward with sharing your main message.  Be sure you aren’t consuming the entire conversation.  Remember you have live viewers who hopefully have some questions or comments.  Engage with them, keep them involved, answer their questions, ask them questions, request they send Emojis to express how they feel about a question you issued…meaning ask questions that can be responded to easily enough with an Emoji.  Keep in mind that you need to give some time for a reply, as there is a 12 second delay, so fill in that time purposefully why you wait.

5 Cups Engagement

I repeat, get your audience involved. The best way to engage with your viewers is to ask general questions or perhaps even ask a specific viewer a question directly.

For  instance, “how long, on average, does it take to draw your eyebrows on? If you don’t draw them on, let me know about that too. Stacy? What about you? Rebecca, you?”

Casually, during your video, remind  your viewers to share your video

It’s okay to chit chat a little off topic for a bit. Remember, your goal is to entertain and engage.  Having said that, if the side bar chit chat is maintaining interest and is consistent with your overall goal, run with it.  Your intuition will develop.  Watch others live or review the link I’ve attached below for some inspiration!.

Use Emojis

Emojis are an easy way to communicate with your clients because it is a fast way to gather feedback.  They are a great tool to use even if you want to do a little poll – such as an agree or disagree survey. 

Call to action

Make sure you always have a call to action in place.

A call to action is basically having an end goal.  Essentially it is the ultimate reason you chose to go live.  Are you trying to get more leads? More sales? Maybe you want to encourage more people to follow you on Facebook or Instagram?  Whatever your aim, lead viewers to your goal.  Make it easy for them.  If getting more followers on your IG is your goal, be straight up and provide your link and ask for a follow. If your objective is to improve sales, lead them to your website or have them comment “interested” so that you are able to go back and message them more details.  Do you want to develop more leads? Direct them to your landing page and provide them with a URL.


I had my client go live for her first time ever with me in person. The first time she went live, she received 3 bookings!

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