4 Affordable & Free Ways to help develop your brand

4 Affordable & Free Ways to help develop your brand

4 Affordable & Free Ways to help develop your brand

Yes, the term brand has been overused, and the term has been slapped around all over the place by people and “coaches” who really don’t know what it is. 

In this blog, you are going to find 4 affordable brand identity resources that will tell you what branding is and how to identify your own brand. 

Branding misconception

Have you heard, ” I offer a branding package that comes with a logo, website, etc.” No! First, you and your business are unique. You can make a random logo, website, and not dive into the true meaning of your business and how you would like it to be portrayed to your target audience. 

A Message from Shopify 

Your brand needs to exist and remain consistent wherever your customers interact with you, from your website, the marketing materials you produce, all the way to how you package and ship your products.

You’ll continue to shape and evolve your brand as you expose more customers to it and learn more about who your customers are and how to speak to them.

It’s important to appreciate that you will never have 100% control over how people perceive your brand.

All you can do is put your best foot forward at every turn and try to resonate with your core audience. 

There's a lot of random information floating around that's causing a lot of confusion. We are here to give you recourses we recommend

#1 Branding Book

A great start to understanding what a brand is and developing your brand

#2 Sis Start Your Business Podcast - Ms. Nicole Martinez

Podcast episode with Brandifi CEO – Ms. Nicole Martinez.
Does your business vibe connect to your target audience or is everything you put together there because YOU like it? From educating you to understand what the true definition of brand means, to helping you truly understand who you are marketing to and how to attract them, she has you covered!

#3 What is a brand? — with Dr. Christine Looser

In this podcast, you will learn the following:
What is a brand? What is branding supposed to do? And can you control your own brand?

In this Clubhouse Q&A, Chris is joined by Dr. Christine Looser. You might remember her from episode 109. Dr. Looser teaches marketing and branding, and is the head of business, at startup school, The Minerva Project.

If you have any kind of interest in branding, then save or bookmark this episode. Because you will want to re-listen to it.

#4 What is a "Brand"? What is "Branding"?

If you ask 10 different companies “what is a brand” or “what is branding?” you’re likely to get 10 different answers. There’s a lot of ambiguity (mixed with a little snake-oil) when it comes to the topic. In this video, I hope to clear the air by explaining:
1) What a Brand Is Not
2) What a Brand Is
3) How to be Intentional with your Brand

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