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2 Reasons How Branding Can Help Your Business

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By Mrs. Nicole Martinez | January 5th, 2020

Hey, Mrs. Nicole Martinez here

Yesterday and today, a few of my clients who came to rebrand their business gave me some feedback that I wanted to share with you guys.  I received a voicemail from a client I helped last year. The voice mail started with a scream ” ohhhhhhhh”, then a laugh of excitement. If you ever worked with me before or listened to a few of my podcast, a happy scream is pretty normal with my clients.

Listen to voicemail

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"I've gotten through pretty much the first quarter of the year, and when I tell you I want to write a storybook and let people know Branding is real, It is real! We've been booked up since last year, the end of last year until now. We've been completely booked."

- Voicemail

Step 1
Identifying Your Brand

So what exactly do I do to help my clients brand or rebrand their business? Before we dive in, please note that having a marketing strategy to get more sales, clients or more bookings is different. To market your business properly, the display of your business, and the understanding of your business brand is a must. Marketing and Branding go hand and hand.

Identifying your brand

During the process of discovering your brand, you are going to ask yourself a few questions. What exactly does your brand stand for? How does your brand display it’s core values? Heck, what is your brand core values? What type of feeling do you want your brand to promote?

Yes, the term brand has been overused, and the term has been slapped around all over the place from people and “coaches” who really don’t know what it is.

Have you heard, ” I offer a branding package that comes with a logo, website, etc.” No! First, you and your business are unique. You can make a random logo, website, and not dive into the true meaning of your business and how you would like it to be portrayed to your target market.

Brand Definition

Brand –  is a service, product, company, or person with a soul that’s attractive and smart.

Soul – the reason why a company should exist and also the reason the initial attraction matures into love. You put trust into a brand with a soul, and your money falls soon thereafter.

Brand Aura – The emotional connection you feel when you come into contact with a brand. The design and the voice.

Smart / Usability – How easy is it to engage in a product or service. User experience is essential, packaging, display.”

How To Launch A Brand

Fabian Geyrhalter

If you would like one-on-one help, please contact us about our Brand Development services.

Step 1
Identifying Your Brand

You’ve identified your brand, created a brand strategy, done some marketing research, created your brand message & positioning. Now what? It’s time to work on the design aspect. This could include redoing your logo, colors, website, and more to reflect your brand. Every business and business situation is different. Before working with a designer, make sure that they are an expert when it comes to knowing the true branding term. Your designer can help you develop your colors, and the whole layout of your redesign.

How Can Branding Help?

Well, let’s make it simple; the way you display your business will attract people based on your brand. If you are trying to charge a lot for your service, you have tons of clients questioning why does this cost so much, take a look at how you’re Branding your business from a 3rd person point of view. Does it speak “affordable” or ” expensive”.

Again, look at your business from another person point of view and be honest with yourself, how does it look to the world?

Get Help Identifying Your Brand